Del Rio UFO Festival – January 23 and 24 with George Noory, Nick Pope and More

George Noory Featured at 2015 Del Rio UFO Festival

George NooryThe 2015 Del Rio UFO Festival will be held Jan. 23 & 24, 2015, at the Paul Poag Theater in downtown Del Rio, Texas. For complete details, visit To purchase tickets, visit The organizers are thrilled to welcome to Del Rio for the first time ever, one of the world’s leading spokesmen in the field of UFOs and the paranormal, Mr. George Noory. Listened to by millions of people on over 500 radio stations, Mr. Noory is the undisputed king of late night talk radio. The popular host of Coast to Coast AM, Mr. Noory has maintained a lifelong interest in unidentified flying objects and the paranormal, which are recurring topics on his radio show. Mr. Noory has hosted some of the greatest minds in the field of UFO research, and his own interest in the subject remains extremely strong.

Bestselling Author Jim Marrs to Speak in Del Rio on “Ancient Aliens”

Bestselling author and one of the most renowned conspiracy theorists of our time, Jim Marrs, will speak about his latest book, Our Occulted History: Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?, which reveals the genuine archaeological discoveries and well documented geological data to not only support the notion that human civilization originated from extraterrestrials, but also that advanced civilizations, humans or otherwise, have made Earth their home long before the recorded dates in our history books.In addition, he will also speak about the John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy, and why it remains relevant today.

The “Real” Fox Mulder, England’s Nick PopeNick Pope

Nick Pope held the unique job of being the British government’s top UFO researcher during his 21-year career with the Ministry of Defense. Holding the highest top-secret clearance regarding UFOs, Nick went from being a skeptic to being a believer after seeing all the remarkable evidence that crossed his desk. Now retired, Nick is one of the world’s top speakers on UFOs and the paranormal. He will bring us two amazing presentations regarding the enduring mystery of UFOs.

Star Trek Writer David Bennett Carren

We are extremely happy to announce that Star Trek, Twilight Zone, and Stargate writer David Bennett Carren will speak at the Del Rio UFO Festival! David has directed, written or produced more than 200 films and television shows, including many science fiction shows.

Among his cherished memories in his long career is having worked with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, the original Captain Kirk (William Shatner), and Next Generation cast members including Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner. His Star Trek stories will amaze and inspire you.

Noe Torres & Ruben Uriarte to Speak on Del Rio UFO Incident

Texas author Noe Torres and veteran California UFO researcher Ruben Uriarte stunned the UFO world in 2008 with the publication of their book The Other Roswell: UFO Crash on the Texas-Mexico Border, in which first-hand witness Colonel Robert Burton Willingham said he visited the crash site of a UFO near Del Rio (in Langtry).

The authors have spoken about the case on numerous TV and radio shows, and world-renowned UFO investigator Dr. Bruce Maccabee called it “One of the world’s most interesting UFO crash retrieval stories.” Noe and Ruben will bring the latest information on this remarkable story to the 2015 Del Rio UFO Festival. You won’t want to miss this!

Texas Observer

Tickets Now Available for Immediate Purchase!

Two-day admission Festival tickets are only $30 and may be purchased online at

Border Zone UFO Festival | “UFOs have no borders …”.

Anniversary of the Cash-Landrum UFO Case 12/29/1980

The anniversary of this classic modern Close Encounter approaches…  cash-landrumVia Curt Collins’ BlueBlurryLines blog…

Lighting a Candle for the Cash-Landrum UFO Case

The December 29, 1980 Cash-Landrum UFO event is one of best known, thoroughly documented cases in UFO history.  This is due in part to the investigation led by John F. Schuesller, then deputy director of MUFON. The other reason is the dramatic story itself, with the apparent credibility and sincerity of the witnesses, Betty Cash, Vickie and Colby Landrum. On the anniversary of their encounter, last year, I posted this memorial:
Remembering Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum

Shedding some light

Some regard this as an old and cold case, but it’s not too late to learn more about it and from it. Much of value can be learned just from studying the event’s investigation alone. Preserving the evidence and stripping away the layers of apocrypha can help let us examine the truth in this case.  Whatever secrets lie at the heart of this mystery, they have value to other UFO cases past and present.
The passage of time closes some doors, but others may open. Betty Cash died in 1998, and Vickie in 2007, leaving only Colby Landrum remaining as a primary witness.  The helicopter personnel who would have participated in the operation are at retirement age and could now discuss this case without the fear of risk to their military careers. Others who may have been involved could still be alive, and it is possible that once-secret government documents could now be available.

Blue Blurry Lines: Lighting a Candle for the Cash-Landrum UFO Case.


Austin Zine Fest, Dec. 14th, 12-4p @George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center

Austin Zine Fest – 2014!

Austin Zine Fest brings together regional zinesters from the Austin, TX-area for a celebration of print culture. We are a small annual fest focused on highlighting the work of local independent publishers and artists. AZF is co-coordinated by Hillary-Anne Crosby and Caroline Knowles. 

You can contact us by filling out the Contact form below or by emailing us at

The 2014 Austin Zine Fest will take place on Sunday, December 14th from 12-4p at the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center. Up to the date details are available on Facebook here

More details (including participants) on the way! Keep updated by following us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.  

You can pick up some of Austin Zine Fest’s local & international zine picks over at MASS Gallery’s retail shop, MA$$, in Austin, TX. It’s a great way to support AZF & your local zinesters.

Some of what we currently have in stock:

- The Austin Review
- Heroine Zine
- Museums Press
- Raw Paw
- Red Kitty
- Rough House
- Vagina
- Women Artists: Interviews

… plus many others!

MASS Gallery is located at  507 Calles Street, Suite 108, Austin, TX 78702. Hours & recent happenings are available online at


AZF PopUpShop

Bill Hicks statue coming to Houston


Bill Hicks statue will be coming to Houston: Here’s a sneak peek



Over two years after initially announcing plans to fund the construction of a statue of Houston comedy legend, the organizers behind the project say that they are in the final casting stages.

Omar Afra with Free Press Houston announced an ambitious plan at Free Press Summer Fest in 2012 to commemorate the work of comedian Bill Hicks with a stone statue to be placed somewhere in the Houston area.

Hicks died in February 1994 after succumbing to pancreatic cancer at the age of 32. His comedy albums are now like biblical scripture for some comics.

His last public words, which he wanted released upon his death, were positively sublime, considering Hicks spent his comic career raging against everything, albeit with a twinkle in his eye.

“I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit.”

“This isn’t just five or six people who have made big donations, its many people from the community,” he says, adding that he has put up the lion’s share of the costs out of his fandom of Hicks.

“The volume of donations has demonstrated the enduring love of Hicks,” he says.

Read more here:

Bill Hicks statue will be coming to Houston: Here’s a sneak peek


WEIRDFEST at the Spiderhouse Ballroom – Austin, TX – October 10th, 2014


WEIRDFEST with Superette, Sciborg & the Robopimps, Alien Knife Fight, Chasca

Spiderhouse Ballroom

2906 Fruth St.
Austin, TX, 78705                 

Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM

WEIRDFEST with Superette, Sciborg & the Robopimps, Alien Knife Fight, Chasca – Tickets – Spiderhouse Ballroom – Austin, TX – October 10th, 2014 | Ticketfly.

Chester Moore’s KingdomZoo Seeks Funding

kingdom_zoo chupa-replica-chester-moore-kingdomzoo

Need a $100 sponsor to get a special carrying case for our amazing chupacabra replica. You will be helping us reach kids in a very unique way.

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Chester Moore.


Texas To Vote On Toll-Free Road Funding Amendment

Texas To Vote On Toll-Free Road Funding Amendment
Lone Star State tackles congestion with a $1 billion annual plan to build and maintain new general purpose roads.

Voters in Texas will decide on November 4 whether they want highway funds to go only to general purpose roads and not to bicycle paths and infrastructure for foreign-owned tolling companies. Texas Secretary of State Nandita Berry announced last week that Proposition 1 had qualified for the ballot.

If approved by voters, the measure would reflect a major reversal from Governor Rick Perry’s push for tolling that included plans for a massive Trans Texas Corridor toll road that stalled after stirring widespread opposition.

The proposition would create a temporary constitutional amendment drawing about $1 billion per year from the state’s “rainy day fund” through 2018 and depositing the cash in the highway fund for the sole use of building and repairing new roads that are free for use by all residents. The rainy day fund currently has $6.2 billion from state oil production tax.

“Revenue transferred to the state highway fund under this subsection may be used only for constructing, maintaining, and acquiring rights-of-way for public roadways other than toll roads,” Proposition 1 states.


Texas To Vote On Toll-Free Road Funding Amendment.


Texas Bigfoot with Rob Riggs this Saturday Night in Austin!


Austin Chronicle, July 25, 2014, Volume 33, Number 48

e-edition   |   pdf


 Rob Riggs on Bigfoot in Texas – Community Calendar – The Austin Chronicle.

Rob Riggs on Bigfoot in Texas

Rob Riggs on Bigfoot in Texas - Community Calendar - The Austin ChronicleRiggs, veteran journalist of the cryptozoological world of bigfoot research, speaks about the Sasquatch framed within an exploration of “shape-shifting shamans, altered states of consciousness, and mysterious energies.” Sat., July 26, 7pm. Free.

Austin Center for Spiritual Living, 5555 N. Lamar Ste. D-115, Austin



Resource links:

Event Sponsored by Anomaly Archives – Scientific Anomaly Institute


The Bigfoot-UFO Connection, 2014-04-25

Even though sightings of both Bigfoot and UFOs occurring at the same times and places are not uncommonly reported by eyewitnesses, the concurrence of such events is generally dismissed as coincidental, and any possible substantial connection between the two phenomena is not considered a matter of serious inquiry. Rob Riggs and Tom Burnette, co-authors of Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth and Discovering the Truth, discuss the possible connection.

Austin Center for Spiritual Living,

5555 North Lamar Boulevard, Building D, Suite 115,

Austin, Texas 78751-1073

Click Map Images Below For Location Detail…